Unlocking the Mysteries
of the Universe

Which holds the key--science or religion?

Or could we be asking the wrong question? Perhaps neither is equipped to satisfy fully our drive to understand the universe around us, and the key lies hidden in the shadowa not-so-mysterious gapbetween the two.

Come explore for yourself
and discover the insights gained by understanding what science and religion have in common, not how they differ.

And find the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe!

Second Edition Book Cover Graphic    

It's like sitting down and talking to you, only in book form. Thank you so much for writing it.

Connie Jaeger, Lakewood Colorado.

                                  * * * *

I have read your book and it is a hero’s journey -- you are the hero.

Bill Grace
, Founder, Grace and Associates

                                  * * * *

By making the accounted personal, you have made this complex topic accessible.

Jamie Douglass, Boeing Aerospace Technical Fellow